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1 John 4:7-8 (5-10 depending on version)

“Dear friends, let us continue to love one another, for love comes from God. Anyone who loves is a child of God and knows God. But anyone who does not love does not know God, for God is love.”


I have been asked, incredulously at times, do I really believe the Bible and that God exists? My answer, as a rational person, is yes and that that shouldn't be surprising or require one to abandon reason, logic and science like some religious figures do. After all, Albert Einstein believed and the Bible is confirmed by science as a metaphorical, and in some places literal, historical document. If science, logic, reason, research, physical evidence and other sources confirms much of the physical events, people and places in it then it only requires the understanding of metaphors to logically and rationally believe. Why bother? The fact that science cannot prove whether there is a God or not, or if life has a meaning that we are supposed to fulfill or is meaningless, if there is existence after death, if your actions also affect any existence after death, or why the Big Bang and universe(s) came into existence are all reasons to seek and rationally accept God may exist.

If one just ignores all of this and works, plays, sleeps, works, plays, sleeps, works, plays, sleeps I don't feel that one is doing justice to oneself or others in the fact that your life may have far more meaning than simply repeating mechanical actions and limited thoughts that will all end when you die. I personally believe life has meaning and whether it does or not, it's far more beneficial to live a life fulfilling a purpose, loving others and creating a benefit to humanity and perhaps life after death. Heck, if you're wrong there's no suffering, if you're right then you'd be very glad you didn't ignore it and instead loved and achieved a higher existence where things become clear in the end than suffering in blindness, ignorance and an existence of despair.

I believe our purpose is primarily love; doing what is truly beneficial to others and self and not truly harmful to others or self - regardless of how tempting it is to get one's own way at someone's expense - e.g forcing views, taking away freedom to choose, abuse, disrespect, no value for others lives rather than helping others in ways that truly benefit them (not shortsighted "help"). Love may take many forms including charity, compassion, respect, kindness, sympathy, consideration, understanding and goodwill.

Some say you should rely purely on yourselves or other people for meaning- if you can show me anyone who can conclusively answer those questions science yet cannot - I would be keenly interested, but can you tell me the reason you were created? Why, not how, the Big Bang and universe(s) happened? Whether we are purely matter and death is the end, or if we are also energy, spiritual and eternal? Can you prove there is no afterlife or that is is one? Can you prove that life is meaningless besides the physical? Show me anyone who has hard, conclusive evidence that takes in all facts and doesn't do like many who come to conclusions and simply dismiss or ignore opposing facts.

No, as told by Rick Warren, I believe we are like a device that has been invented. We cannot tell ourselves why we were invented, for what use we were made for, only the inventor knows and those he tells, including if he leaves behind a user manual explaining the device's purpose - such as the Bible. The fact is that, just like with a complex device, the Bible and God doesn't reveal the devices full purpose / capability all at once, but in steps as our education grows, and early lessons / chapters might seem completely at odds with later ones when one doesn't realize that while we have the education of a toddler we cannot understand what we can when we are a teenager or as an adult and be taught in the same manner. Maths is a good example - numbers when young for a numercial result, letters and variables when older for a variable result, symbols when even older for no result but to prove a result and thus reveal more possibilities and truth. So it is with the Bible.

Faith can help you endure the worst suffering of any kind and come out thriving and succeeding. It is what helps those who have it to not give up and survive such as with those in the concentration camps of Hitler. It is what gives a sense of purpose to your life and gives comfort and peace to one in the midst of death, victimization and suffering. The faith I mean is faith that everything is for a reason and no pain or suffering you or others go through is for no purpose and thus the worst kind of horrific suffering - meaningless suffering. But rather believing that God has a purpose for everything that happens to you and others and that it is not out of cruel, hateful punishment that some Christians have become mislead to believe, but rather it is out of love, for your or their spiritual growth and salvation, to teach valuable lessons, for maturity and ultimately for an even better outcome you can imagine for everyone, yourself included, whether in this life or not.

You see many people meet this crisis of faith seeing evil in the world and start wondering “How could a good God cause evil in this world?” and it leads them to believe either that God only loves “good” people and punishes anyone who isn’t “good” because He HATES them or that God is weak and equal to the Devil fighting Him or that God simply does not exist. All of these are wrong. I believe God, who is love, does not do evil. Evil is actually the lack of God, a lack of Love, like darkness is a lack of light and not a thing in itself, but He does allow evil for at least two reasons;


  1. Because He loves us he gives us free will, including to choose Him or not.
  2. Because "evil" can be made to create good either by a series of events or/and showing us what the lack of love (the lack of God) causes and turning us back to Him and life if we choose to. We only go to Hell because we choose to put ourselves there by our and in that lack of love, that lack of God.

Let me give you an example from Lost that maybe shows how God works, allowing us to suffer because He loves us and an example about means and ends, more of which you’ll find later;

 If you saw a butterfly struggling to free itself of its cocoon and out of a sense of love cut it open to free it it would be too weak to fly and would die. But if, on the other hand, you let it struggle under watchful eye and free itself it would have gained the muscle strength it needed to fly and would live!

That is how God can allow suffering with us, for us to live rather than perish. Have and practice faith for it is anything but easy. Remind yourself that everything bad that happens (and good) is for a reason and seek the possibilities remembering God is love and that He wants you to love others.

God Bless and I hope you continue to read more of my articles.

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Why God SHOULD be important to you, Christian, Gay or otherwise - christian living religion - christian theology - gay christian - gay barbados How to Meet Other Gay, Straight ot Bisexual People - personal sites, books, music, shirts - gay personal - christian t-shirt - barbados nation - gay barbados Contact Information - christian theology - christian dating - gay mates - gay barbados