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And a warm embrace to you! :)

If you would like to meet other people, the first thing you MUST NOT do is isolate yourself. And when I say that, I don't mean just staying by yourself at home. I mean when you go to places where they are other people, including those of a DIFFERENT orientation to yourself. Don't go hide in a corner with ONLY people of your orientation (some of you gay folks, you know you're particularly guilty of this) or run from those of a different orientation for no other reason than their orientation (some of you straight men, you're know you're especially guilty of this). Why? Because, aside from the good moral reasons of tolerance and love, much as it might be obvious that not avoiding people by skin color etc. can and will increase your chances of meeting that special person, you might be surprised to know straight women/men do hang with gay men/women and you might be surprised of who you meet. If you fear being labeled as the wrong sexual orientation simply WEAR OR CARRY AN OBVIOUS SYMBOL OF YOUR SEXUALITY OR/AND SHOW INTEREST IN THE SEX YOU'RE ATTRACTED TO. That includes T-shirts / Apparel depicting obvious references / displays to which sex(es) your interested in, books of the same nature - especially those about finding a partner of the sex you're interested in. Also I found that hats with such displays (like gay sticker/patch), and perhaps anything similar near your eyes, are very effective, tho you may meet the rare fool who reacts terribly to it.

You can find examples below and in my associates store further below.

Also when it comes to showing interest, meet others eyes a bit longer than usual, smile, compliment and talk to them - especially if your smile / positive look is returned, flirt respectfully but boldly. If it's someone you're interested in but not a place / time you can talk, hand them a card with your contact info and invite them / invite to treat them to a meal / drink sometime. If you make personal cards explaining a rundown about yourself this can be even more effective and bold. You can also meet people anywhere, not just in bars or nightclubs (where you will meet certain types more than others). Some of the best places to meet people are at places you can go to enjoy your hobbies / interests with others. Again don't isolate yourself / limit options except where there are truly a majority than you wouldn't want to meet (at least not in their environment where you can do little to change them) e.g. druggies, people with criminal intent.


If you are gay and fear being accepted by straight people, don't worry, if they accept you great, if not - too bad, move on and keep trying and you'll succeed eventually as long as you're being appropriate. Sometimes it takes alot of determination and pretending to not notice indirect slights (note: definitely challenge, WITHOUT doing an escalating/unlawful action, a direct insult you can't reasonably pretend you didn't hear however - assuming it's a relatively safe situation or you can handle yourself), but so long as you're somewhat persistent and not being disrespectful you should get through. Also if you're at an activity place, you should not be pulling people away from the activity as much as sharing in it with them. The relative majority of straight people in Barbados accept me. Are you acting or dressing inapproprately? If so fix it. There's nothing wrong with being out in behavior but don't be overbearing and inconsiderate, don't have exaggerated effeminacy or any at all if you're not naturally so, masculinity is generally far more accepted on a man. Some of the raucous and pretentiously effeminate behavior I've seen by some gay people turns even me, as a gay man, away in disgust, it's inconsiderate and I speak as someone who wears blatant gay subject matter apparel. You can certainly be out in clothing and be accepted, but dress well. Be neat and look good, not inappropriate such as purposely creepy or gaunt. To be accepted you have to dress and act acceptably, that doesn't mean not gay, be as you like, but considerately so and truly neat and attractive. Update: McBrides nights have changed and Sat, Sun and maybe Friday you are more likely to meet other gays and lesbians. Again these things are hit and miss who'll be there and certainly not everyone is pleasant tho there certainly are some who are very, very pleasant! According to some sources Harbour Lights on Friday - Upper Bay Street and The Ship Inn in St Lawrence Gap on Thursday are the nights more gay and lesbian folks attend. Keep in mind your location. Some locations are far more accepting of certain things than others. Some you will want to avoid. I feel that the more people who are decent and openly gay the more we'll find acceptance in contrast to the increased intolerance if gay people remain underground and do immoral acts, many of which come from the feeling of desperation they have from not being open and out enough to have a real relationship.

If you are straight, the advice above concerning dress and behavior applies just as well. You have to be considerate and appropriate as any good person ought to be. Be neat and be pleasant. Also be tolerant. A scornful person doesn't attract many people and instead may attract negative attention. Smiles, friendliness and honesty on the other hand, create great attraction and deep trust. Don't be dishonest / a womanizer either. Aside from serious moral and health considerations, you won't win in the long term; once word gets around, you'll find your "game" will come back to destroy you.

If you are bisexual, all the advice for both above applies but in addition you must at an early point in any relationship, if not preferably upfront, not fool your potential husband/wife and let them know of your bisexual orientation and what that means to you in terms of commitment. Will you commit to just them as a straight man can commit and be faithful to one woman in spite of always going to be attracted to other women biologically? Or does that mean you're going to want polygamy and commitment to more than one person? (Please note that I'm not necessarily advocating polygamy as the Church and Bible apparently suggest that monogamy is God's intent, but that being said David had at least eight wives in the Bible and that apparently did not seperate him from God... tho adultery with non-wife Bathsheba did until he repented, so don't be unfaithful) Or are you going to want to be promicious, which I would strongly discourage from moral, spiritual, health and Biblical standpoints. Please read the articles in the other sections for why including http://www.whosoever.org/Issue7/moral.html. DO NOT try to hide it and risk the health and hurt the hearts and souls of everyone by being "Down Low". Be upfront. You might be surprised at how accepting and how deep a trust you create by being honest. I personally know a couple where one of them is bisexual in orientation but they are committed to one another.

There are alot of additional tips and insights that you can view in video format from experts at www.videojug.com/tag/love-and-sex.

Personal sites:
MySpace.com: Straight, Gay and Bisexual personals for Barbados+. Use Advanced Search.
Gaydar.co.uk: Gay personals for Barbados+. When adding your profile make sure to use Barbados (many make mistake).
GaydarGirls.com: Lesbian personals for Barbados+? When adding your profile make sure to use Barbados.
Tagged.com: Straight, Gay and Bisexual personals for Barbados+. Expand options for orientation. (Meet Me matches can be spammy to mailbox.)

Please be careful when meeting people. First time: ALWAYS meet in public and NEVER rely on them for your transport. Tell someone where you're going to be and when you expect to be back, preferably who your going to meet too - their contact info.



Also if interested in chatting me up personally you're most welcome to contact me ;). I'm single as of this writing :).

Note: Importing T-shirts to Barbados is RESTRICTED, DO NOT ORDER T-SHIRTS WITHOUT CUSTOMS PERMISSION. If you want any designs, or new ones done, on any shirts / fabric locally, I can provide that service to a degree. These two are some of the designs I've composed or painted;

Would Jesus Descriminate christian t-shirt - 1 John 4:7 - 8 - God is love - christian single - gay barbados
Bossama / Justin Blade Gears of War gay shirt - gay mates - gay guy - gay barbados
My first gay shirt - gay Christian bajan and got little attention.
My second gay shirt (based on Bossama's drawing of these lifelong close soldiers from Gears of War, inspired by the games' homoerotic awards) - gets alot more attention, tho few directly say anything positive or negative to me. Actually nothing truly negative, mostly bajans grin, no reaction or scared on seeing this.

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Please note that if you cannot or do not wish to order via this module you can contact me and I can arrange to bring in the items you wish using my shipper. I'll give an estimate / range on duties and other costs. Contact me at justiceblade@gaychristianbajan.com

Also more gay shopping that I can perhaps assist with is here: http://www.lavenderlifestyles.co.uk/

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